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Below you'll find just a sampling of the many speeches Andrew has used to energize audiences across the nation.

Please remember that Andrew and his staff of professional presenters custom design programs for a wide range of organizations and corporate groups -- and are ready to custom design a message specifically for your organization as well.

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Andrew McCrea

"Making Molehills out of Mountains"

We've all done it. We make little things into big things. Soon enough, those little molehills become huge mountains that keep us from accomplishing what we want to do in life. Learn the leadership strategies that reduce your work without reducing your goal.

See how you can influence individuals to personal and team success. Get more out of life through quality investments in family, work, faith and friends. Andrew masterfully intertwines humorous real-life examples with thought-provoking stories of leadership under pressure!

"How Leaders Turn Ordinary to Extraordinary"

Maybe you've wondered what helps some people reach success time and time again, while others seem to stand in place. Andrew's daily syndicated broadcasts and thousands of radio interviews from across the nation, provide unique insights into leadership and success. Andrew's down-to-earth and humorous style will provide you with ways to live life with purpose and turn ordinary to extraordinary in all that you do.

"Losing to Win: The Leadership Paradox"

What if most of what you've been told about getting ahead in life was wrong? Not partly wrong, but 180 degrees from the direction you should be heading. Learn the keys to great leadership from the thousands of guests around the globe that Andrew has interviewed for his daily broadcasts.

If success is your group's preferred destination, Andrew McCrea has an inspirational itinerary.

From Alaska to Florida ...speaking to groups from 10 to 10,000 ...Andrew has brought his message to thousands. He would like to bring his message to your organization too!

Andrew McCrea

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