Total Town Makeover

Small town America stands at a crossroads.  For the first time since its settlement, the number of deaths in rural America now outpaces births.  Vast regions of the nation are literally dying.  Or are they?

Andrew McCrea will take you on a journey to places that are very much alive!  They are small towns, cities and rural areas that have performed a “makeover.”  These are places that are succeeding by creating robust economies, vibrant communities and focusing on how to build a strong next generation of residents.

  • What are the factors they have in common?
  • What steps can you and your community take right now to create a makeover?

The Total Town Makeover will provide you with the steps and the motivation to make it happen!

Download a sampling of Andrew’s latest book, Total Town Makeover: Rethinking Business, Community, and Home in Small Town America