Discover the “Extra” and Make a Permanent Move to Excellence

Andrew McCrea

Andrew’s keynotes and training programs have been heard in boardrooms in Tokyo to arena audiences of over 10,000. He can share proven ways that discover the “Extra” and make a permanent move to Excellence.

Andrew McCrea guides individuals and businesses to discover the “extra” that brings excellence in business and life. For the past two decades, Andrew has traveled the country and the world producing his nationally syndicated radio and television broadcasts. He’s interviewed Emmy and Grammy winners, Hall of Fame athletes and even been body-slammed by professional wrestlers!

However, some of his most insightful interviews are with people you may have never have heard of, with a story you’ll never forget. Their stories are unforgettable because “ordinary” individuals and businesses discovered the “extra” that propelled them to success both personally and in business…they became “Extraordinary” in their field.

Andrew’s Programs Inspire and Motivate!

His interactive presentation topics include the following:



Christy HoltmanCerner
“Andrew did an amazing job of using real-life experiences to help our team develop the right framework around teamwork and leadership. It was amazing to watch our team develop and grow through the use of his examples.”
Kathleen CuddyMidwest Dairy Association
“Andrew did a great job of delivering on our organization’s strategic themes while weaving in stories with a purpose to help our audience be champions for our cause. He was funny, relatable and inspiring.”
Beth MorellMissouri Hospitals Association
“Andrew has served as a speaker for our HealthCare Leadership Series since its inception five years ago. We have consistently found him to be an energetic and effective speaker. His presentation motivates and inspires!”


Take a journey to places that are very much alive! They are small towns, cities and rural areas that have performed a “makeover.” These are places that are succeeding by creating robust economies, vibrant communities and by focusing on how to build a strong next generation of residents.