Programs that Inspire & Motivate

Andrew knows firsthand the challenges of growing businesses and towns – his top-rated programs are inspired by his experiences crisscrossing the country, and as a farmer and rancher from northwest Missouri. Andrew knows what it is like to move herds of cattle and work 18-hour days harvesting a crop – and he knows what organizations need during these rapidly-changing times.

Andrew brings his insights from interviewing music stars, hall of fame athletes, Iditarod sled dog mushers and even the rooster crowing champion! His daily radio program, The American Countryside, has won five Oscars in Agriculture. In addition, he also produces broadcasts heard nationally.

From Alaska to Florida …speaking to groups from 10 to 10,000 …Andrew McCrea has brought his message to thousands.

He would like to bring his message to your organization too!

The content found in all of Andrew’s keynote programs can be expanded to training workshops or combined to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Andrew’s Top Keynote Programs

Ordinary to Extraordinary – What is the Extra You are Missing?

What makes some people stand out from the crowd?  What’s the “extra” they have that others don’t?  Andrew’s thousands of interviews from every state and six continents reveal three qualities the “Extraordinary” have that others do not.  They are the qualities that bring individual and team success and that add life, to life itself!  Listen, laugh and learn the secrets to being Extraordinary in what you do!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the “insignificant” actions you can take to achieve significant results
  • How to deal with challenging situations and people for extraordinary results
  • Implement the three essential qualities to moving from ordinary to extraordinary

Making Molehills out of Mountains – Leadership Strategies that Work!

We’ve all done it.  We make little things into big things and soon those little molehills turn into huge mountains that keep us from accomplishing what we want to do in life.  Adapted from Andrew’s award-winning book by the same name, learn the leadership strategies that reduce your work without reducing your goal. Become more efficient and effective in building teams, pursuing goals and achieving success.  The perfect message for individuals and organizations looking to make the most of every opportunity!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn strategies to reduce work without reducing your goal
  • Implement ways to increase team synergy and optimize results
  • Increase leadership communications skills that emphasize a team approach

The Total Town Makeover – Rethinking Business, Community and Home

How does your organization or community stand out from others?  Perhaps it looks like the rest, facing similar struggles and challenges.  How could you change things?  How do you perform a makeover?  Andrew’s broadcast travels chronicle the “makeover” taking place in the nation’s top organizations and communities.  What are they doing to stand out and thrive?  How can you make it happen as well?  Andrew shares the key steps you must take to complete the total makeover.

Key Takeaways:

  • What key steps do top-performers have that other do not?
  • Implement the indispensable elements for a “makeover” by learning real-world steps that work!
  • Build success for the long-term and create group “buy-in” to create a makeover


Andrew was motivational, interesting and humorous. People were still taking about him days later! You will leave his presentation entertained and inspired!

Kellie Bray, Professional Insurance Agents

I have the highest respect for Andrew and would recommend him as a speaker or workshop presenter to anyone. He has always proved to be conscientious, organized and motivated. Without hesitation, I would say Andrew is my ideal speaker!

Tyler Grandill, Arizona Department of Education
Andrew did a great job of delivering on our organization’s strategic themes while weaving in stories with a purpose to help our audience be champions for our cause. He was funny, relatable and inspiring.
Kathleen Cuddy, SVP Communications, Midwest Dairy Association

Andrew presents topics such as goal-setting and self-motivation in electrifying packages…

Scott Stump, Colorado Community College System