Andrew McCrea draws upon a wealth of experiences when he is criss-crossing the country to deliver his messages. As a farmer and rancher from northwest Missouri, Andrew knows what it is like to move herds of cattle and work 18-hour days harvesting a crop. Add to that, his experience as a five-time Oscar-winning radio broadcaster.

Andrew brings his insights from interviewing music stars, hall of fame athletes, Iditarod sled dog mushers and even the rooster crowing champion! His daily radio program, The American Countryside has won five Oscars in Agriculture. In addition, he also produces broadcasts heard nationally on the Westwood One radio network.

Most Requested Workshop & Training Topics

Moving You & Your Organization to Extraordinary…

Businesses and organizations find Andrew’s workshops to be great for stand-alone trainings or to pair with one of his keynotes. He also provides one-on-one and small group coaching sessions, having worked with Fortune 500 executives, helping them and their teams achieve more.

Andrew inspires leadership at every level and delivers an insightful guide to creating value in your work, life and the lives of those you impact. Here are two of his most requested training sessions…

  1. Making Molehills out of Mountains – Building a More Efficient Team and a Better You!

    Andrew’s programs are based on thousands of interviews, real-world examples from six continents, and proven research that can provide examples of how and why these tools are vital to you and your organization. View and download a PDF for more information…

    • Learn the leadership strategies that reduce your work without reducing your goal.
    • Implement three strategies that reduce “mountainous goals into molehills.”
    • Discover quick, and effective ways to inspire individuals to personal and team success.
    • Get more out of life by making “quality investments” in family, faith, work, and friends.
  2. Making Mountains out of a Molehills – Communicating Your Message Most Effectively

    What if it was actually a good thing to turn molehills into mountains? Begin moving your words to loftier heights – improve your communications and media skills. Let your ideas move people to action. View and download a PDF for more information…

    • Learn to organize your thoughts and deliver speeches that captivate and motivate audiences.
    • Make “boring” reports, briefings and demonstrations come to life.
    • Develop clear, concise and powerful presentations that audiences will remember and act upon.
    • Use media opportunities to articulate and accentuate your message to thousands.
    • Learn strategies to make your key points appeal to the media and the public.
    • Lead meetings and conferences with poise and confidence.

Remember, these titles can be combined and customized to personally fit your needs.

Andrew is also asked to provide small group and one-on-one coaching. He has worked with individuals and groups from Fortune 500 executives to leaders simply wanting to improve their ability to lead and communicate. This is the perfect addition to a keynote or workshop!

Andrew did a great job of delivering on our organization’s strategic themes while weaving in stories with a purpose to help our audience be champions for our cause. He was funny, relatable and inspiring.”
Kathleen Cuddy, SVP Communications, Midwest Dairy Association

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For more information on booking a journey with Andrew McCrea, visit our special area for MEETING PLANNERS for more details. If you have questions about Andrew’s availability, fees, products or the services he offers, simply contact us online or call our office at 1-888-622-7321 (888-McCrea1). We are here to assist you in planning the best event you’ve ever had!